Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lose Weight by Walking - It Really Does Work

By John Mowatt

Can you lose weight by walking? The answer is a definite yes. Walking is the best form of exercise for just about everyone. Even if you have never exercised in years you can easily go walking and use up some of those excess calories. If you are serious about losing weight you need to exercise and walking is the way to do it. A sound diet plan is necessary also if you want to lose a fair amount of weight.

Walking is absolutely one of the top forms of exercise you can do. You can definitely lose weight by walking,every day,at the best pace you can manage. Walk as far as you comfortably can and you will lose weight and improve your general health. If you are quite a bit overweight walking is great for you. Daily walking and one of the new no starvation diets will take off weight and make you healthy.

If you own a dog this is a great reason to go walking. All dogs love to go walking and your friendly companion will become used to the daily walk routine and will tell you that it is time to get out there.

Walking is a really good aerobic exercise. Your heart and lungs are exercised when you walk quickly and this helps to keep you fit and healthy. Don't slouch along as you walk. Stride out at your very best pace and you will get the very best exercise and will definitely lose weight by walking whilst improving your general health.

Try to work a lot of walking into your daily routine. Walk to work or get off the bus a few blocks from work and walk the rest of the way. Walk to the corner store instead of driving. Walk your kids to school instead of taking the car. Don't use elevators. Walk up the stairs instead--it is great exercise. Your no starvation diet will give you lots of energy and walking will burn off more calories.

You also must be on a a good weight loss diet. You can only walk off limited calories and if your intake is higher daily than you use up in your daily life, including walking, you will not lose weight.

You should gradually increase the distance you walk every day. You should also pick up your pace and walk a bit faster for at least some of the time.

It is absolutely best to have a complete diet/exercise program which you can stay on for the long term. Walking is a very important part of it.

Several new diet/exercise programs have recently become available. These programs are based on research. You can follow a diet of foods you like. You select the things you want to consume rather than having to eat from a menu of foods you don't like. There is an accompanying exercise program that you will take pleasure in. Walking is the most important part of it and you definitely will lose weight on these programs.

I suggest that anyone who really wants to lose considerable weight should check out these new programs to see just how simple it can be. This is all the more true if you have tried many diets in the past without success.

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