Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jumping Rope to Lose Weight and Get Flat Abs and a Tight Bum

By John Davenport

One of the best ways to work up a quick sweat and burn a ton of calories is to do a jumping workout. And when it comes to that kind of exercise, jumping rope is one of the best kinds.

Jumping rope to lose weight is an effective, fast, and affordable way to do cardio and tone legs, butt, and abs in the process. And the best thing about it is that almost anyone can do it. All you need is a few dollar rope, comfortable shoes, and a surface to jump on. No need for hefty equipment or a gym membership.

The reasons why jumping rope is so effective are the following:

1. It's a high intensity cardio workout. It burns a lot of calories and fat. This makes losing weight by jumping rope an easy thing to accomplish. And you get a great workout pretty fast. In 5 minutes you can be sweating profusely. It's a time effective workout to be sure.

2. It incorporates the entire body - Unlike regular jumps, when you're jumping rope you don't just burn fat, you're also exercising many of the muscle groups in your body. You workout the legs, butt, arms, shoulders, abs, chest, and more. It's a comprehensive all around workout. This means that you're also toning up your entire body as well as shedding pounds.

3. Jumping rope to lose weight also improves your coordination as you have to time your jumps and synchronize your feet and arms movements. This forces you to exert an additional control over your muscles which makes them work even harder for you.

When you jump rope, make sure to wear comfortable shoes as they'll absorb some of the shock you get from the floor with each jump. You can also jump one leg at a time instead of a two legged jump. This will help you do more arms rotations per minute and increase your weight loss rate.

Above all, don't forget to incorporate a good diet plan in your workouts as that is a must. All of your exercising efforts will be worthless if you don't eat in the proper way to lose weight. If you're looking for an easy diet to follow, I recommend following the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet.

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John Davenport lost over 30 pounds in his twenties after being overweight most of his life. He now runs a weight loss forum and publishes a diet and fitness newsletter. To read more about fast weight loss, click here: Lose Belly Fat forever.

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