Monday, November 23, 2009

Best Way to Lose Weight Fast in 100 Days - Follow Any Diet Plan Successfully

Do you have bad eating habits?

Your bad eating habits could be contributing to weight gain. If you want to stop these habits, but have not been able to do so in the past, get this book from Amazon. Your life could change for the better.

100 Days of Weight Loss: The Secret to Being Successful on Any Diet Plan

This book can provide you great insights into following any diet plan successfully in committed manner. The best way to lose weight is to gain control over your eating and lifestyle habits. Then you can try to mold your habits and improve upon them.

What is it about and what is so special about this book?
First of all, the author of the book, Linda Spangle, is the owner of "Weight Loss For Life" program. This is a very successful coaching and education program based in Denver, Colorado.

Her specialty is to help people overcome the emotional and psychological problems associated with weight loss. She can offer great advice and help on how to avoid bad eating habits, overcome emotional eating so that losing weight and keeping it off becomes easier.

The other highly acclaimed book from Linda Spangle is - "Life Is Hard, Food Is Easy: The 5-Step Plan to Overcome Emotional Eating and Lose Weight on Any Diet".

What this book can do for you?
First of all, it is important that you understand that going from one diet to another is not likely to help you lose weight.

In order to lose weight permanently, it is absolutely essential to make lifelong lifestyle changes. There is no other way out. If you believe that another way exists then you are kidding yourself.

Most people shy away from making permanent changes in their eating and living habits (even when they know these habits are harmful). It is because there is too much trouble and difficulty involved in making such big changes.

We have become accustomed to certain way of living and find comfort in that. We do not want to struggle in order to change. We enjoy what we are presently doing even though that might be causing problem for us.

This book can help in providing you the strength to make healthy and strong changes in your life. You can gain the confidence that you will be able to stick to the changes that you make.

Most people start something positive but cannot stick to it for a long time. Eventually they will give up trying to make any positive changes as they know they will fail anyhow.

But not so anymore! Armed with your new knowledge and confidence gained after reading this book, you can start making many new changes in your life that can help in shedding off those pounds which you so intensely hate.

Purpose of this book:
This book is not meant to be a dieting manual which teaches you what to eat and what not to eat. Rather, it is a diet companion. It teaches you how to control your eating habits and avoid unhealthy or emotional eating.

This book teaches you how to develop more control over your eating habits so that sticking to any diet becomes quite easy. Then you can embark on a dieting plan, knowing that you have more chances of sticking to it this time, and eventually lose a lot of weight though you were unsuccessful in several previous attempts.

It can provide you the strength to stick to your weight loss resolutions. This book is for you if you have been unable to stick to any diet plan for a long time.

This book is for you if you suffer from weak will power and cannot stick to your resolutions. This book is for you if you are struggling to improve your eating habits.

This book is for you if you want to give up junk food and want to avoid emotional eating. This book deals with the emotional and psychological aspects related to unhealthy eating or other unhealthy habits which are missing from most diet programs.

100 Days of Weight Loss can be the missing piece of the weight loss puzzle that you have been trying so hard to solve. Combine it with any of the popular diet plans and you might finally be able to achieve your dream weight.

So, can you lose weight in 100 days?
There are lots of positive reviews for the book on Amazon website. Here is the link again:
100 Days of Weight Loss: The Secret to Being Successful on Any Diet Plan

My advice is to combine this book with "Fat Loss 4 Idiots" diet program or "Burn the Fat" program for fastest weight loss results. These 2 are highly popular weight loss programs. They seem to have worked for many and they might work for you too!

The only problem till now was being able to consistently follow these programs. But now that problem should also be gone after following Linda Spangle's advice.

Using this book's advice to follow "Fat Loss 4 Idiots" or "Burn the Fat" program might help you achieve your dream body in as little as 100 days. So, are you ready for the challenge?

Why Americans Are Fat - You May Be Surprised to Know!

I came across a review on amazon website by an American. This guy says that he is and always was very athletic.

He doesn't eat junk food, and drinks soda once in months. Still he is overweight. He said he used to be size 4 when he was young and now he is size 12.

He is doing everything the weight loss experts suggest. Healthy eating, exercising, avoiding junk food and soda etc. Still he is overweight.

The reason he thinks is that Americans are fed with too much junk in their foods. He reasons that the manufacturers of food items put too much junk in our foods. That could be the main reason why Americans are getting obese.

He feels that this is the real reason why so many Americans are getting overweight. Ofcourse things like hereditary factors, metabolism rate dropping with age etc, are important factors too - but these may not be the real factors behind the weight problem of a vast majority of population!

It might not exactly be lack of exercises or overeating - though these could be the main causes for a lot of people too.

What he suggests is that Americans should try to eat as much natural food as possible. Eating pre-packaged foods is likely to make you FAT!

Here is his recommendation for Americans to keep off fat - you have to steer clear of prepackaged food. Mostly eat salads and veggies as well as fruits and lean meat. As much as possible - buy real foods, especially from your local farmer's market instead of packaged food.

This can be one of the most important piece of advice if you want to lose weight permanently. There seems to be a lot of sense in that advice.

If you take the above advice seriously, then you may not struggle as much with regards to weight. However, it doesn't mean that you can skip exercising or ignore other tips of weight management.

Start implementing the above advice to see how much difference it makes in your life! Then you can follow other weight loss methods - like Tom Venuto's Weight Loss Program. You might then find it easy to fight off the FAT.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Super Slim Pomegranate Fruit Slim Capsule Review from Amazon

Amazon has this product listed on its website. It is the "NEW NEW Super Slim Pomegranate Fruit Component Slim Capsule (30caps)". Does it really work?

There are lots of customer reviews about this. One review that stood out for me was from a person who said he lost 7 lbs already in 6 days after trying out this product.

Another person, after seemingly trying out lots of diet pills, started this product a month back and has is reportedly very very happy with it.

A word of caution: One of the reviewers mentioned that this product might contain the drug - Sibutramine.

FDA has prohibited the use of this drug in wight loss products as it can cause hypertension and cardio-vascular problems. This particular reviewer feels that most products from China secretly contain this drug, which is not mentioned in the ingredients.

He feels this product may also be from China. He mentions a few tips that if you find any odd Chinese symbols or bad English instructions on the product label, then it might be from China. He feels it is better to stay away from such products.

It is upto you to decide whether you want to try it out or not. Maybe, if you try it out in small quantities for a few days, it might not prove to be harmful. But if you notice any negative effects like hypertension or any other negative effects, better to stop taking this immediately.

Anyways, you might want to consult your doctor before taking it. For more reviews, product details and to purchase it from Amazon site, click below:

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Build Your Character If You Want to Lose Weight

Character is something which is lacking among a lot of present generation people. But this is a very important trait if you want successful weight loss.

Without character, you will not have sufficient self control. You cannot say no to temptations. They are likely to get the better of you.

If you see a tasty burger in front of you, all your weight loss resolutions will go out of the window. You will not be consistent in exercising. A tiny little voice inside you tells you not to go out for walking today and lie in the bed instead.

You will find it difficult to fight that tiny voice and the loss would be yours. You will be unable to say goodbye to junk food habit. You will struggle to overcome binge eating. You won't be easily able to give up your addictions.

You won't be able to handle stress effectively and will turn to food for comfort. All these are bad for your weight.

So, work on your character and self-control. If they become strong, then you can easily embark on a weight loss program and be able to follow it to completion.

You will find it easier to fight temptations and not give up even if you face stiff obstacles. You will show patience and persistence and finally be able to shed off those pounds.

For successful weight loss, it is important that you work on improving your character and discipline. You have to make your body obey your commands and not be a slave to the wishes of your body.

Develop strong character, then work on weight loss. Here is a popular weight loss program which you can try out once you have developed strong enough character - quick weight loss program

Listen to Podcasts and Lose Weight

I found this very interesting!

Listening to podcasts can help you in losing weight. Don't believe me? Check out this article - Podcasts and weight loss

Why might this be effective for weight loss? I think by constantly listening to programs that point out benefits of healthy eating and other healthy habits, it becomes ingrained in your mind. You start to develop healthy habits unconsciously or consciously and this may lead to weight loss.

For fast weight loss, check out
- quick weight loss plan

Women With Larger Waist Size Increase Risk of Asthma

A study conducted by Northern California Cancer Center in Berkeley seems to have found that women with larger waist size stand more risk of asthma attacks.

A woman whose waist size is larger, even at normal weight, might be more likely to have asthma than other women with lesser waist size.

This was a big study with nearly 88,304 womens' data being studied. Women who were not overweight, were less likely to have asthma. Women with waist over 34, even if they were of healthy weight, were more likely to have asthma - according to the research.

This research clearly shows a link between obesity and health problems like asthma. This study points out the connection between the two - specially abdominal obesity. You can view more details of the study here - Obesity, Waist Size and Asthma

At all ages, specially so in old age, it is better to avoid being overweight. Good nutrition, healthy habits like exercising, timely sleep, regular schedule, active lifestyle etc can go a long way in keeping a check on weight.

Rapid weight loss through healthy means is possible, check out - Rapid Weight Loss