Sunday, November 1, 2009

Women With Larger Waist Size Increase Risk of Asthma

A study conducted by Northern California Cancer Center in Berkeley seems to have found that women with larger waist size stand more risk of asthma attacks.

A woman whose waist size is larger, even at normal weight, might be more likely to have asthma than other women with lesser waist size.

This was a big study with nearly 88,304 womens' data being studied. Women who were not overweight, were less likely to have asthma. Women with waist over 34, even if they were of healthy weight, were more likely to have asthma - according to the research.

This research clearly shows a link between obesity and health problems like asthma. This study points out the connection between the two - specially abdominal obesity. You can view more details of the study here - Obesity, Waist Size and Asthma

At all ages, specially so in old age, it is better to avoid being overweight. Good nutrition, healthy habits like exercising, timely sleep, regular schedule, active lifestyle etc can go a long way in keeping a check on weight.

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