Saturday, October 17, 2009

How Exercises and Physical Activity Will Help in Weight Loss & Fitness


Syd Hs

Do you consider yourself an active or a lazy person?

Ponder over this for sometime before giving an answer. Analyze your full day from the time you get up till the time you sleep at night.

Take into consideration what time you get up and how much time you sleep during a 24 hour period. This includes any short naps you may take or just lying on bed.

What do you find?

Do you find that more time of yours is spent being physically active and busy? Or do you laze around like sitting and watching TV, sitting on computer etc?

Such an analysis will prove useful in realizing how little physical activity this generation of ours is getting. We have got used to technology which is making our work increasingly easier but at a cost.

Technology comes at a cost that we are getting less physical activity and hence our health is being spoiled. People are getting fatter and the quality of life is being affected.

Physical exercise can help in greatly improving the quality of life. It will help in making us more energetic, enthusiastic, reduce stress and improve our moods.

When we are in high spirits we will do other things with full concentration and excitement. Hence the quality of our work will also improve. Our relationships can improve as we will be able to do more for the people we love.

Not only that, when you feel good, your health may improve automatically. You can easily handle stress and pressure in your life. That is the beauty of exercises.

So start getting more exercise into your everyday schedule...

You will burn more calories, get fit, and tone up your muscles. Combine that with healthy eating in order to stay fit and lean, and to lose weight permanently in a healthy manner.

Caution: Inactive people have twice the risk of getting heart diseases. They will feel incompetent to carry out simple tasks that require some effort. As a result of this their self-esteem and work-life will suffer.

Remember: You can cut down the risk of obesity, heart ailments and other health problems as well as drastically improve the quality of your life by getting more physically active. Start exercises to lose weight and stay happy!


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