Monday, November 23, 2009

Why Americans Are Fat - You May Be Surprised to Know!

I came across a review on amazon website by an American. This guy says that he is and always was very athletic.

He doesn't eat junk food, and drinks soda once in months. Still he is overweight. He said he used to be size 4 when he was young and now he is size 12.

He is doing everything the weight loss experts suggest. Healthy eating, exercising, avoiding junk food and soda etc. Still he is overweight.

The reason he thinks is that Americans are fed with too much junk in their foods. He reasons that the manufacturers of food items put too much junk in our foods. That could be the main reason why Americans are getting obese.

He feels that this is the real reason why so many Americans are getting overweight. Ofcourse things like hereditary factors, metabolism rate dropping with age etc, are important factors too - but these may not be the real factors behind the weight problem of a vast majority of population!

It might not exactly be lack of exercises or overeating - though these could be the main causes for a lot of people too.

What he suggests is that Americans should try to eat as much natural food as possible. Eating pre-packaged foods is likely to make you FAT!

Here is his recommendation for Americans to keep off fat - you have to steer clear of prepackaged food. Mostly eat salads and veggies as well as fruits and lean meat. As much as possible - buy real foods, especially from your local farmer's market instead of packaged food.

This can be one of the most important piece of advice if you want to lose weight permanently. There seems to be a lot of sense in that advice.

If you take the above advice seriously, then you may not struggle as much with regards to weight. However, it doesn't mean that you can skip exercising or ignore other tips of weight management.

Start implementing the above advice to see how much difference it makes in your life! Then you can follow other weight loss methods - like Tom Venuto's Weight Loss Program. You might then find it easy to fight off the FAT.

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