Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fitness After Pregnancy - Do's and Don'ts

By Sarah P Jones

Are you looking for plans which tell how fitness after pregnancy will enable you to shed off that mushy tummy?

A postnatal fitness plan is beneficial in many ways. It can help to relieve the stress and muscle tensions stretched during pregnancy and childbirth, help the body to recover from the strain of pregnancy and delivery and give you stamina and energy to cope with the responsibilities of looking after the baby.

Fitness regime after delivery should include right amount of exercise along with healthy food habits. Before embarking on it ensure the help of your doctor. Consultation on when to start and what to eat etc. should be done beforehand.

Don't get into workout right away even if your doctor gives a green signal. You must listen to your body. Once your body allows, start with some light exercises. It has taken so many months to gain that weight, then how can you expect to shed it off in just a few days?

Once you set a realistic exercise goal for yourself and do it regularly, you will see a considerable change in your body weight. The important thing is to go along with your body. The moment you feel any kind of discomfort like heavy bleeding, palpitation or even exhaustion, discontinue it.

Doing the exercise regularly, even of short sessions, will be beneficial in shedding off those extra pounds rather than doing it once and giving a gap and again resuming it. It is quite a challenge to find time for exercise when you are a new mom.

Walking is a moderate kind of exercise which won't take you away from your baby and doesn't require any kind of special equipment. So pick up the baby in a stroller and go for it. It will also give you time with your baby exclusively.

If you can manage to get hold of some other new moms, that is even better as you can go together and share many helpful experiences in the process.

Your eating habits too will affect in losing weight after childbirth. Don't go on a crash diet seeing your bulging tummy after delivery. You require all the rights nutrients in your food right now to get back on your feet in a healthy way.

Stay away from all those junk foods and have fruits, vegetables, soups, salads as much as possible. Don't forget to drink lots of water. Avoid those quick fix energy drinks. They do more harm than good.

Make fitness after pregnancy your priority even when you are too busy with the responsibilities of looking after the new born. To ensure your body remains in best possible physical condition to overcome day to day stress check out the most effective fitness after pregnancy program at

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