Saturday, November 15, 2008

How Do I Burn Belly Fat?

By Chris Taeni

Burning belly fat is something that many people struggle with. I often get people going to all sorts of lengths with their diet and exercise programs that are simply not necessary for them to get results. In fact, many of the things people do can be detrimental to their results. These things are so common, it's almost like 'common gym knowledge' to end up doing the wrong exercises, not getting results and ending up with injuries.

I'll be blunt with you for the rest of the article just to spare you the BS.

My Exercise Program

Each week, I do at least 3 sessions of moderate to high intensity general cardiovascular exercise for my health, fitness, stamina and to help keep my body fat % down.

I will perform strength training sessions for my upper and lower body at least once per week, but mostly twice. Each time I exercise, I will ensure that I am only doing effective, muscle-fatiguing strength exercises. I will also make sure that I perform at least one of my 3 general cardiovascular sessions as an abs workout/cardio session.

My Diet

I don't eat a lot of crap. Basically, if you really want to know how I burn belly fat, I eat pretty good food. I don't focus much on counting calories because I believe that a healthy, raw-foods diet is the best way to eat.

I do have treats now and then and because my metabolism is in such good shape, I can afford to have treats here and there without it effecting my body fat percentage at all.

My Supplementation Program

Although I believe that eating raw, whole foods as close to their natural source as possible. I am also aware that many of our soils have been over-farmed which has resulted in a massive drop in mineral contents within (even organic) foods. I take a natural, organically derived, colloidal mineral supplement as well as a good quality multivitamin, fish oils, spirulina and antioxidants. This is something you should consider if you want to burn belly fat faster.

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