Wednesday, December 31, 2008

You've Gotta Have a Goal!

This is the time of year when you take life changing decisions - or you don't. Whatever the case, it's a time for focusing the brain on some important things in your life and trying to make sense of them. This is when, in your mind, a positive outcome is not a possibility, it's an inevitability. Failure is completely out of the question. This is of course before reality sets in.

Far too many of our good intentions don't last very long. We set out in high spirits determined to achieve a positive outcome, but when the road gets a little bumpy we start to have second thoughts. Hurdles become things to avoid, not to clear. 'Life' starts to get in the way. Our 'busyness' prevents us from concentrating what we need to do. Slowly it becomes just too difficult. You start to put things off and then you get depressed by your failure. You console yourself by promising yourself that you'll come back and try again when you're in a better position to succeed.

Good intentions have to be more than promises to yourself if they are to succeed. The only way to ensure your success in anything is to have a very clear goal. Without a clear goal, which has a time element attached to it by which you can measure your progress, success is likely to be illusory.

When it comes to losing weight a clear-cut goal is absolutely essential. Goals can't be 'imposed' upon you by some diet or weight loss program, you have to set you own goals. If you don't have a goal, you are very likely to fall into the trap of giving yourself too much 'wriggle room'. You have to have an objective which you clearly understand.

If you are planning to lose weight, make sure you write down what it is you want to achieve and by when. Keep your goals with you and/or pin them to the door of the refrigerator.

Get into the habit of having a goal. It will make success so much easier to achieve, and that's a very good feeling.

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