Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Make Permanent Weight Loss a Reality

Shouldn't all weight loss be permanent? Is there anybody who wants anything other than permanent weight loss? What is the point of losing weight and for the weight to come back again? These might seem obvious questions, but how many of us ask ourselves these questions before we go on a diet?

Do diets help you to lose weight? Yes, by and large they do, but what sort of weight loss do they deliver? Basically, diets deliver short-term weight loss. Is that what you want? If it is, then fine. If you want to lose weight and for the weight not to come back you have to do more than just go on a diet - in fact going on a diet is what you should avoid.

The only sure fire way to lose weight permanently is to change your behavior. We all get into bad habits, and slowly, overtime weight accumulates. We hardly (or deliberately) don't notice our weight gain until it starts to have an adverse effect on the way we lead our life. Only then do we start to take action. Unfortunately, our first reaction is to go to the First Aid cabinet to get out a sticking plaster. We convince ourselves that there is a quick fix to the problem. Years of thoughtless indulgence can be magicked away in an instant. The reality is that it's not quite like that.

There are a huge number of diets that offer instant weight loss. What is not made clear is that the faster you take weight off, the faster it will return. When it does, it won't be long before you'll be looking at another diet. You will have joined the 'serial dieters club'.

To make permanent weight loss a reality, you need to start by identifying the habits that made you overweight in the first place and then learn new habits - slim habits that will enable you to make essential changes in your life. Successful weight loss comes from making permanent change. Without making permanent change you will continue in the same old way, and permanent weight loss will always be an unattainable dream.

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