Wednesday, December 31, 2008

You Must Eat Well to Lose Weight

You must eat well to lose weight. Some people believe that starving themselves will help them to burn off excess fat and so they eat once a day. The truth is that starving yourself will not make you shed off excess fat. Then what will work for you?

I know you will answer nothing. Far from it! If you are unable to lose weight, the reason may be because you have a sluggish metabolism. People with sluggish metabolism store more fat than they lose it.

Another reason is if your body is deficient in certain basic nutrients like Vitamin D and selenium. Once your body lacks sufficient amount of these two nutrients, your thyroid will not function properly because the proper functioning of your thyroid controls your metabolic rate.

Your next task now is to find ways to speed your metabolism and correct your thyroid.

To speed up your metabolism, you must consider eating certain foods that are known metabolism boosters. Such foods include cinnamon, garlic, grapefruit, omega-3 oil, pumpkin, flax seed oil, acid cider vinegar with the mother, Aloe Vera gel, etc. You must also eat plenty of protein-rich food. Low fat protein-rich foods help speed up your metabolism.

Get active. Active people have very active metabolism. If you are in a sedentary work, ensure you engage in an exercise you enjoy doing.

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a supplement that can also boost your metabolism. It has also been found that CLA can reduce abdominal fat and insulin resistance. Do not overlook this supplement if you are frustrated with your weight loss.

To take care of your thyroid problem, take about 55mg of selenium daily. You can get adequate selenium from cottage cheese.

Your Vitamin D can be gotten from the require exposure to sunlight or from low fat milk.

You must eat well to lose weight. Do not skip your breakfast. Eat small amounts of food regularly every day. Drink plenty of water. And all your weight lose frustrations will be a thing of the past.

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