Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Healthcare Sector in India

There is a huge difference in healthcare standards between rural and urban India. A decade ago, Indian healthcare industry was not upto the world standards, but there has been immense growth and development in this sector in the past few years.

A major reason for this has been the rise of income levels for a vast number of Indian people. The middle-class sector has become very big in size, and thus rose the demand for providing better medical care. However, the sad part of this whole story, is that all this development has been focused mainly on urban India.

Even in urban India, the metro cities have benefited the most. The smaller cities and rural areas have remain unchanged. Most of the Indian population lives in rural India, so the majority of the population still cannot receive proper medical care.

The health care facilities of urban India can compare and compete with those of developed nations. However the facilities of rural India are very much similar to those of sub-Saharan Africa. This marked difference in the levels of health facilities should be enough to make us sit up and take serious notice. Not only that, we should take quick action to spread better health and medical care to larger part of India.

For doing so, both public and private sector have to co-operate with each other. Even though, the goal seems impossible at the moment, but we have to make a beginning somewhere. We cannot just sit quietly and watch because we think that an impossible task lies before us. We have to take initiative and take it fast!

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