Thursday, February 4, 2010

First Indications Of A Cold - Special Consideration of Diet

The older truism of "feed, a cold and starve a fever" has been pretty much reversed by current knowledge, say home economic workers. They not only warn against contagion, but also advise special consideration of the diet at the first indication of a cold.

Since colds are often contracted during a period of exhaustion or weariness when the system is perbaps somewhat clogged, a light laxative diet of, say, hot orangeade, lemonade, baked potatoes, broths, or gruels, and mild stewed fruits and vegetables are advised for the early stages.

As soon as the cold is broken, one may return to the normal diet, and upon approaching full recovery, a diet slightly heavier than normal should be taken to aid the body in repairing damages. A more liberal use than usual of eggs, milk, and fruit, accompanied by more bacon, butter, cream, or other fats, will help in this, rest the following day.

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