Friday, January 15, 2010

Food Groups That Help With Weight Loss

Obesity remains the number one health issues that have bothered most of the developed world especially North America. Eating unhealthy food or rather fast food, lack of exercise and lastly excess stress which leads to stressful eating remains some of the major causes of Obesity here.

To tackle these issues although many diets and weight loss centres are in the market, cost factor remains sometimes very inconvenient. Thus the needs of some easy food groups that can actually help a person lose weight.

Here are some regular food groups that can actually help a person lose weight:
1] Millet: According to the ancient system of medicine namely called as Ayurveda, one of the chief foods to be included in a person's diet to lose weight would be Millet.

Millet is a known crop of India and several other countries; basically they are small seeds of a cereal crop. In today scientific world this crop is known as an alternative to wheat for those who cannot eat gluten.

Millet contains no gluten in them, but do have 10 % protein and high amount of fiber and B- complex vitamins. It is also know for all this same reasons to digest easily. The high fibrous diet but with no gluten is what is admired in this cereal for weight loss.

2] Plantain: Seeds of these plants Plantain are known as Psyllium. These seeds are said to be and are known for their really mucilage property after intake and thus used as stool softeners.

The seeds according to scientific studies have shown to reduce appetite without stimulating the nervous system which is why they are known to be taken by those who need to lose weight. Take just few hours of a meal and your appetite has been curbed a little for sure.

3] Black Pepper: Black pepper a known culinary spice from the old days of the 18 centaury has been long known in the Indian Subcontinent as the spice to help lose weight. It is not just black pepper but it said that normally all the spices are known to help lose weight.

When one does intake spices in diet, one is known to increase one’s appetite and also digestion. In a research study in Oxford University researchers did found that eating spices in diet did increase the metabolic rate for sure.

4] Green Tea: Green tea a tea which is known for its less caffeine it has been known for a while as anti obesity drink. But researchers are still at a very basic level to confront that green tea does help in reducing weight.

Animal studies so far did prove the point, but still further studies are on its way. But nothing wrong in having couple of hot green tea in diet to reduce some extra pounds.

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