Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rapid Weightloss Tips for Losing Lot of Weight Fast

Are you looking for rapid weightloss? Here are some tips to achieve your goal.

1. High intensity interval workouts:
Workout in intervals of high intensity. This can be very helpful in rapid weightloss. Low intensity workouts for extended periods of time may be good in the long run, but if you want a rapid weight loss then this technique is suitable for you.

Do a workout and then have a brief period of rest. Keep alternating between these but don't forget to warm up a little bit before starting each interval of exercise.

2. Cut down your calories gradually:
If you were in the habit of eating a lot and all of a sudden you cut down on your calories then it is going to sound alarm bells for your body. Your body will think that this is an emergency situation and will start storing whatever food you have.

It will put your body in starvation mode and you will stop losing further weight. It will also put you in danger as sudden drop in calories will make you feel weak. So start cutting down on your eating in a gradual planned manner.

Once you are comfortable with eating lesser amount of food, you may reduce it further till you are at an acceptable level of eating.

The above tips are very essential to keep in mind if you want to enjoy rapid weightloss. Otherwise your dieting and weight loss efforts may fail and you may end up in frustration.

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  3. will a person gets fatter when they dont eat?
    if yes, why is it so???

  4. It is not that a person can get fat by skipping meals. But his metabolism rate may drop as a result of keeping hungry and drastically reducing food intake.

    Due to this, his weight loss might stop. This is probably the reason why people fail to lose a lot of weight from dieting. After a time, they will stop losing further weight.

    Another problem is that a person cannot continue dieting for the rest of his life. Sooner or later, he is going to start eating normally. When this happens, all his lost weight might come back again. Sometimes, he might even gain additional weight.