Monday, May 4, 2009

Popular Weightloss Plans - Pros and Cons

There are many weightloss plans out there. You might have heard of Atkins diet, cabbage soup diet, mediterranean diet and what not!

While it may be wrong to say that none of these diet plans work but still we can say that there surely may be pros and cons for each.

Among the disadvantages of the above weight loss plans are that most of them are unhealthy ways to lose weight. You also stand a chance to regain the lost weight once you are off the diet.

These diet plans are also very difficult to follow. Most people cannot stick to them for long - that is why they still are unable to lose weight.

What I like in any weight loss plan is that it should be easy enough for a vast majority of people to implement. Some people will nevertheless quit midway. We are not bothered with such minority of careless people. But it should not be difficult for most of the others.

Another good point of a weight loss plan is that it work for long term weight loss. No sense in working hard to lose weight and then gain it back soon after!

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