Saturday, August 1, 2009

10 Foods that Raise Metabolism

Of course you know about the importance of raising your metabolism for your weight loss ambitions. Among the several things that you can do to boost metabolism naturally, proper foods that are known to help with the process. What kinds of foods are these anyway?

Well, this is a good food for thought. It is important that you find out which ones they are so that you start looking for them. There is no way you would get rid of excess weight and body fats without raising your metabolism.

Examples of foods that raise metabolism

  • Green tea will top this list. Green tea raises your metabolism in the sense that when you take it you will have your mood enhanced. At the same time you would have the advantage of protection from cancer and heart disease from green tea.
  • Broccoli is the next in the list of foods that raise metabolism. This food has calcium as well as vitamin c. It would also help boost your calcium absorption capability and that is good for fast weight loss.
  • Oat meal is known to be heart friendly. It is a very good food for raising your metabolism.
  • Water is termed as food when it comes to issues of weight loss. This is because it is a natural appetite suppressant and that is how it helps one cut down weight. So, actually it is one of the foods that raise metabolism.
  • For your metabolism to go up, you are advised to take a lot of fruits. But, there is one fruit that we cannot miss to list in the list of foods that raise metabolism and that is the grape fruit. It helps reduce insulin levels in the body as well.
  • Soups are also foods that raise metabolism. They have fewer calories.
  • Low fats yoghurt is also in this category. It contains weight loss friendly calcium.
  • Fruits that contain high fiber and low calories like apples and pears are highly recommended as foods that raise metabolism.
  • Hot pepper will cool your cravings, release more stress hormones and so raise your metabolism for weight loss.
  • Protein like lean turkey would also raise metabolism in the sense that it will help you burn more calories.

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