Thursday, October 23, 2008

Banana Diet Tips and Warning!

Here are some banana diet tips and a warning. First off, the banana diet CAN help you to lose a lot of weight. But some people don't do it right and when you do it wrong, it gets UGLY. So read this now to get things straight so you can enjoy losing weight on this really effective diet.

Banana Diet Tips and Warning

1. Warning: The banana diet has nothing to do with eating bananas as your main meal.

You'd be crazy if you ate bananas as your meals. Uh, you need protein and fats as well for your diet. If you ate nothing but bananas, you'd so many nutrient, mineral, and vitamin deficiencies. Besides, this would be pure torture to eat only bananas.

I know you're more intelligent than that, but I just wanted to be sure for those who get a little too aggressive with their dieting tactics.

2. Tips - There are 2 ways to do this diet and a combination way

You can eat 2 bananas, 3 separate times a day as snacks between meals. You can eat 2 bananas with your meals... 1 before and 1 after each meal (I don't advise this way). OR... you can do a combo in which you eat 1 banana with each of 3 meals and 1 banana 3 different times as a snack.

If I was to choose, I'd either do the first or third way... probably the 3rd way. Why? First, you need to use bananas as snacks. By using them just at your meals, you'd be opening up some problems when it comes time to snack between meals. So it's vital to use them as snacks.

Also, it's important to have them with meals because the live enzymes bananas contain help you to digest your foods better. Good digestive health is critically important for long term weight loss progress.

By Jennifer Jolan

This is just a brief article, but hopefully I gave you some ideas on how to use the banana diet effectively to lose weight.

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